Fr Rod Jones OSB

Fr Rod Jones is the Catholic Chaplain to Sussex University. He is based at the Meeting House on campus and in Howard House, opposite Falmer Station. He is a monk of Worth Abbey, a Benedictine monastic community based 40 minutes North of Brighton. Fr Rod was once an architecture student at Brighton University, and it was through the Chaplaincy that he discovered his monastic call. He loves Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club so is thrilled to be working a stone’s throw from the stadium! [email protected]

Image of Claire
Claire O’Sullivan

Claire O’Sullivan is the Catholic Chaplain/Faith and Spirituality Adviser to Brighton University. She is a wife and mum, and a member of the Wellspring community, a Private Lay Association of the Faithful committed to daily prayer, sharing life, and living the Gospel. She is a practising iconographer and loves to be creative. [email protected]

Joanna Gilbert

Jo Gilbert is the co-ordinator of the Catholic Chaplaincy team, and is based mainly at St Joseph’s Church on Elm Grove. She’s a member of  The Wellspring Community, committed to a life of prayer, living the Gospel, and mission in Brighton. Jo has worked with students and young adults for 20 years, and is passionate about helping young people discover their particular calling and mission in the world. She loves reading, walking, nature, sea swimming, and bringing people together in community. [email protected]

Fr Gabriel Dobson OSB

Fr Gabriel Dobson OSB supports the student activity, usually celebrating Mass on Brighton Uni campus on Wednesdays.
Fr Gabriel is also a monk of Worth Abbey, living in a small satellite community based in the heart of Brighton City, serving the parish of St John the Baptist, Kemptown.
[email protected]

This is an old video made in 2020 when our facilities were closed, but you can still learn about the chaplaincy and take a look around the spaces: